Art-No: KCITC200EZ-P
ITC-200EZ Ceramic Fill, Pint-Pint
Quick Overview

ITC products are high refractory coatings used for coating the inside of kilns and elements.  Benefits are lower energy costs, faster firings, and less wear and tear on your kiln.  ITC products are used extensively in industry in applications from commercial ceramics to the space shuttle.  Nils Lou, in "The Art of Firing" writes "The ITC coatings are as technologically significant as the development of the insulating brick."  

ITC 200 EZ Ceramic Repair


Excellent for repairing broken, chipped or cracked brick or burner blocks, castable or fiber material and for filling in crevices. 

Prepare Surface: Apply ITC 100HT and patch with ITC200EZ while wet.   

Apply: If necessary, thin with ITC100HT as prepared above.  Using a spatula or similar tool, simply fill all cracks, holes, crevices and damaged areas, including areas behind electrical elements in need of repair.  Allow to dry. 

Volume Pint
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