Art-No: KCITC100HT-G
ITC-100HT Ceramic Coating-Gallon
Quick Overview

ITC products are high refractory coatings used for coating the inside of kilns and elements.  Benefits are lower energy costs, faster firings, and less wear and tear on your kiln.  ITC products are used extensively in industry in applications from commercial ceramics to the space shuttle.  Nils Lou, in "The Art of Firing" writes "The ITC coatings are as technologically significant as the development of the insulating brick."  

ITC 100HT Ceramic Coating


Use: To save fuel and to repair and protect all kiln interiors make of brick, castable, fiber blanket or fiber board and burner blocks and burner tips.  To minimize glaze sticking on kiln furniture, such as setters, slabs and pins. 


Prepare surface: Remove all debris, loose particles, dust, etc. from interior walls, door, crown and grooves behind electrical elements.  Vacuum if possible. (It is recommended to clean you elements with a water/bleach solution and toothbrush prior to spraying ITC.)  


Mix: To one pint of ITC100HT add 1/2 pint of water and mix well.  To one gallon of ITC100HT add 1/2 gallon of water and mix well.  


Apply: Remove all debris, loose particles, dust, etc.  Immediately before applying coating, dampen the areas by spraying lightly with water.  Then using a spray gun, apply a thin coat on the dampened surface.  A brush can be used for small areas, dipping the brush into the water first each time.  Spray or brush through elements.  Spraying is preferable.  (Note, it is important that you get the coating on thin.  You may experience peeling the first few firings, especially if the coating is too thick, so your first firings should be bisque.)  It is also important to keep stirring while you apply, because the product settles out.  So it is better as a two person job.


1 gallon covers approximately 50-100 square feet.

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