Layering Glazes

Coyote Shino (042) over Black (002) by Carol Kaleko

Want to try something new? Want to try something where you may have no idea how it will turn out? Want to try to get a beautiful, new and interesting result with some glazes you already own (but don't like that much by themselves)? If so, read on, because it's time to try layering some glazes!

Coyote has new photos showing layered Cone 6 Shino glazes. This example (on the right) is Shino (042) over Black (002). Click the picture to see more combinations.

AMACO also has some photos showing layering of some Potter's Choice glazes.

For example, this is Ancient Jasper over Deep Firebrick. Click the picture to see more combinations.

And Spectrum has something similar, with their layered bells. Check these out for inspiration.

Many people like the effects that layering makes. Often the top color will slide down the first, or the colors will intermix and get a variegated effect.

These are the most common questions we get about layering glazes.

So, if you've got a glaze you don't love, try it out in a layer. You never know, it might turn out to be your favorite!

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