Lessons Plans For Ceramics Classes

Lesson Plan No. 1 Ceramic Tile Wall Murals
Lesson Plan No. 3 Spoon Printing Lithography: A Printmaking Experience for Elementary Students
Lesson Plan No. 4 Portraits in Clay: A Lesson in Sculpture for Elementary Students
Lesson Plan No. 5 Dig This: A Relief Sculpture of Dinosaur Bones for Elementary Students
Lesson Plan No. 6 A Passion For Pots: A Lesson in Glaze Decoration for Students of All Ages
Lesson Plan No. 7 Beautiful Beads: A Lesson In Making Beads With Polymer Clay
Lesson Plan No. 8 Clay Animation: A Interdisciplinary Lesson
Lesson Plan No. 9 Creating Cast Paper Sculpture: A Simple Lesson In Papermaking and Moldmaking
Lesson Plan No. 10 The Fascinating World Of Insects: A Lesson in Bug Making With Polymer Clay
Lesson Plan No. 11 Cave Art Revisited: A Lesson in Recreating Prehistoric Art
Lesson Plan No. 12 The Intricate Art of Persian Tiles
Lesson Plan No. 13 Creating Relief Sculpture: A Lesson in Sculpture and Moldmaking Using Sculptamold®
Lesson Plan No. 14 Recreating Chinese Bronze Vessels
Lesson Plan No. 15 A New Approach to Developing Images on Clay
Lesson Plan No. 16 Sculptural Heads: A Lesson in Creating life-sized Heads with Sculptamold®
Lesson Plan No. 17 Mi Casa es Tu Casa: A lesson in Creating Small, Animated Houses With Amaco® Clay and Gloss Decorating Colors
Lesson Plan No. 18 Warm Glass Renaissance: Modern Technology Brings Back an Ancient Glass Art Form with Amaco Glass Select Fire Kilns

NOTE: Lessons 7 and 10 originally featured Friendly Clay, which is no longer available. These pottery and ceramic lessons can be followed using any polymer clay such as FIMO®.

Duncan Lesson Plans/Project Pages

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