Bentonite FAQ:

We get a lot of questions about our Bentonite, so here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers. But first, our disclaimer.....

Generally speaking, we provide supplies to potters and ceramic artists. Occasionally people in the cosmetic or health industries buy our chemical products. We are delighted to get the orders, however, we sell commercial grade chemicals/clays and we make no claims as to how they'll perform for any of these uses.

Although we rarely switch sources of supply, we do not highly control or specify the exact Bentonite that we carry. As a result, our source of Bentonite may change in the future. Always test the product you receive before investing time and/or money into them. (Potters already know this, right?)

With that said, here is the FAQ:

Got more questions, or have something you'd like added to the FAQ? Send us an email at


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