Hues 2 Fuse G509 Merlot Glass Pigment
Quick Overview

Hues 2 Fuse G509 Merlot Glass Pigment comes in a concentrated powder that can be sprinkled freehand or over stencils, or added to glass medium and painted on.

It is available in a 27 gram container.

Hues 2 Fuse fusible paint can be applied to a wide range of glass and ceramic surfaces.

The color works on both COE90 and COE96 glass.

It is non-toxic.

The glass media is blended with the pigments to create rich colors that can then be fired in a kiln.

Alternately, you can use the powder form for a shaded look, or even put the powder on dark glass and then etch it away to achieve a sgraffito look.

Safety label Non-Toxic
Shipping Group Parcel
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