Laguna RF505 High Temp Super Kiln Wash
Quick Overview p>The Laguna High Temp Super Kiln Wash is also known as the Super Duty Kiln Wash.

Kiln Wash from Laguna forms a protective coating for shelves and other areas inside the kiln that may be subjected to dripping glaze during firing.

When cleaning the bottom of the kiln, do not let the wash splash on the walls, or it may seep into an element groove and burn out the element.

Apply kiln wash to the top of each shelf, but not to the sides or underside of a shelf, or it may flake onto your piece and ruin it.

The wash dries overnight. You can speed up the process by placing shelves in the kiln and heating to 200 degrees for one hour. If the kiln-washed shelves are cool to the touch, then they are still wet.

In order to use this kiln wash, mix with water until the solution has a creamy consistency, then continue to stir until the dry particles no longer rapidly settle out.

The Laguna RF505 High Temp Super Kiln Wash comes in a 1 lb or 5 lb dry container.

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