Graber's Pottery, Inc. Steve Tool
Quick Overview

The Graber's Pottery, Inc. Steve Tool from comes with ten texture-making wheels, one plastic handle, and assembly hardware.

The Steve Tool from Graber's Pottery, Inc. is a new kind of tool. Designed to be configurable into many different textures, the tool can be configured with many combinations and orders of the ten texture-making wheels that attach to the plastic handle.

Tips for use:

- This tool is also a great tool for fun in the kitchen. Works great for adding texture to pastry and bread.
- Apply texture first and then shape the inside of the cylinder.
- Stretch the pottery until the walls get very thin and you’ll be able to feel the texture come through to the inside of the pottery.
- Works great with thick- or thin-wall cylinders.
- Fill in the texture with contrasting clay, then trim smooth when the clay reaches leather-hard.
- Add weaving materials other other materials for mixed mediums pottery.
- Many patterns look more natural than with traditional rollers.

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