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Snowfluff: A white foaming type texture glaze and completely matte. It can be tinted into rich pastel shades. Can be applied over, under or between unfired glazes for unusual texture combinations.

White Pebble: Has a pebbly appearance as it breaks up into a pattern resembling pearl tapioca after firing.

Overdrift: An opaque, frosty white glaze, heavy in consistency. It is indispensable in combination glaze techniques. It renders a cascade of white floats when applied over or under a glaze.

White Crawl: White Crawl is a glaze that will crawl into irregular and very interesting patterns when fired. The pattern will very depending on the thickness of application. A heavier application will result in larger and wider separations in the surface of the glaze, exposing larger areas of the background, while a thinner application will result in a smaller, more delicate pattern.

Lustre and Metallics: Provide the metallic look of hard steel and the high brilliance of lustre.

Arroya Glazes: Textured and produce a unique carved effect when fired. Designed for use over gloss and matte unfired glazes, Arroya glazes are best applied with a fully loaded fan blender for all-over coverage or with a sponge using a pouncing method.

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