Laguna Mid-Fire (Cone 4-6) Glazes

If you are firing at cone 4 to 6, which is a mid-fire, then you should look at Laguna mid fire glazes. These glazes work wonderfully for all your needs. Plus, the company offers some great variations so you can get the look you want. To finish off your piece and get a polished look, you have to choose your glaze carefully. Make sure you understand what look each type of glaze will produce.

Laguna offers five lines of mid fire glazes, each with a unique look. If you want something that is vibrant and offers full coverage, then take a look at the versa line. With colors that include turquoise, pink and apple green, you’ll get a nice full coverage look in colors that pop. If you want stoneware colors with options in matte and mottled, you should look at the Moroccan sand line. Mottled and shimmering colors are found within the Mystic line. For a crackle finish, there’s the crackle line. Finally, if you want matte or gloss earth tones, choose something from the dynasty line.

As you can see, there is a great selection here to get pretty any look you want. Beautiful finishes are just a click away.

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