If you will be glazing in a low fire at 4-6 cone, then you should consider choosing a Duncan low fire glaze. With a range of glaze options, you can choose the perfect finish for your piece. Get the look you want by carefully researching the offers from Duncan. Knowing what the company provides, you will be able to get the finished product that you want.

Duncan glazes are perfect for the potter who is ready to experiment with some interesting finishes. This line offers a little something for everyone. There are, of course, the traditional glazes that give you vibrant colors, antique finishes and high shine. However, there are also some glazes that let you get really creative. There are glitter glazes that give your project a nice sparkling finish. Called shimmer glazes, they come in a range of colors, like ruby, sapphire, black diamond and emerald.

Other creative finishes include the crystal glazes line. In this line, you’ll find Dalmatian, blueberry ice and raspberry ice, which all give your piece a spotted look. Duncan also has crackle glazes for that worn, aged look. With the right glaze, you can really make your piece stand out.

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