Art-No: TLGCGlazeCal
Special Order Item - GlazeCal Glaze Conversion Slide Rule
Quick Overview

GlazeCal calculates the gram weight of raw materials, based on how much the recipe calls for.

This tool is invaluable for anyone who makes their own glazes from percentage-based glaze recipes.

To use this tool, move the slide to your correct batch weight, and all the percentages will be calculated for you.

With the help of this ruler, you can easily find the correct batch weight.

It measures from 500 grams to 10,000 grams, in intervals of 500 grams.

The ruler measures percentages to the 10th decimal place.

Unlike an expensive computer program, this ruler is portable, easy to use, and fast.

The GlazeCal Glaze Conversion Slide Rule is a sliding ruler that calculates how much of each material you will need for your glaze.

GlazeCal is made of two 8-1/2”, double-sided calculator boards covered by a gloss varnish coating.

Each calculator is held together with metal eyelets and glue.

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