Laguna Gerstley Borate in Bulk
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Laguna Gerstley Borate in Bulk is a bluish white crystal.

It is available in a 50-lb. container.

Gerstley Borate, also known as calcium borate, is a sodium-calcium-borate compound that is used as a low- and mid-range glaze flux.

This is a conglomerate mineral composed primarily of Colemanite, Ulexite and Hectorite.

This material is partially soluble and can flocculate glaze slops.

In small amounts, it can prevent cracking in the glaze, known as crazing, and in large amounts, it gives the glaze a milky appearance.

Note: Bulk items are intended for customers local to our Sparks, NV, warehouse. will ship bulk orders, but we will charge a $5 surcharge, in addition to posted shipping fees. Please contact us for pricing if you are interested in buying chemicals by the half-ton or ton.

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