Laguna Lincoln 60 Fireclay in Bulk
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Laguna Lincoln 60 Fireclay in Bulk is a fine, smooth and very pleasant feeling fireclay.

It is available in a 50-lb container.

Fireclays are used to make drainage pipes, bricks, and stoneware.

It has a distinctive, smooth feel that many potters can even recognize with their eyes closed.

This material has unique properties.

When heated to cone 6, it will shrink as it fires, but above cone 6, up to cone 11, it will actually expand.

Its porosity will also decrease steadily from cone 6 to cone 11, where it finally reaches zero, without any indication of bloating.

In addition, even though it has high plasticity, it will resist cracking as it dries.

Similarly, although it is very plastic, it does not feel sticky, and feels more like it is a kaolin.

Another unique property of this clay is that it requires 27% water to make it plastic enough for pottery, compared to a typical clay, which requires 20% to 22% water.

Note: Bulk items are intended for customers local to our Sparks, NV, warehouse. will ship bulk orders, but we will charge a $5 surcharge, in addition to posted shipping fees. Please contact us for pricing if you are interested in buying chemicals by the half-ton or ton.

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