Art-No: EXNS940EX
Expansion Box Package for 4" North Star Extruders
Quick Overview

This high-quality aluminum expansion box package allows the use of 6" North Star dies on any 4" North Star extruder. It includes the expansion box kit plus a medium basic die set and a center brace.

All the mating surfaces of this expansion box are machined flat for a tight seal. The die retainer ring and the hardware is made of steel. All outside surfaces are powder-coated for a durable lasting finish.

The kit includes: the expansion box, die retainer ring and mounting bolts, hex wrench, three-piece spacer board and lag bolts.

All dies are made of machined 3/4 inch HDPE polyethylene. In general, the walls of extrusions are 3-1/2 inches or less and 1/4 inch thick, while larger pieces have 5/16 inch walls. All dies are also counter-sinking around the edges or where the brace passes through the extrusion. This is to add in healing of hollow shapes and give even pressure around the opening.

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