Aftosa Electric LK7, LK9, LK12 or MLK Lamp Kits
Quick Overview

The Aftosa LK7, LK9, and LK12 Lamp Kits come with a 7”, 9”, or 12”, 2-piece lamp harp, respectively. The MLK Lamp Kit comes with no harp included. The kits also includes the following components: 

  • One (1) – 8 ft Brown cord set
  • One (1) – 1/2” brass-plated finial
  • One (1) – 3-way socket
  • One (1) – 1" brass-plated neck
  • One (1) – 1-1/2" brass plated check ring
  • One (1) – Steel 1-1/2" check ring
  • One (1) – 2-1/2" Threaded Nipple
  • One (1) – Steel nut
  • Two (2) – Lock washers

The Electric Lamp Kits from Atosa transform your jars, bottles, and other containers into a working table lamp. 

  • In order to install the kit, the piece must have an exit point in the lamp body for the power cord and a hole in the bottom of the lamp body large enough to pass the check ring, lock washer and nut.

  • You'll have to thread the nut down the threaded nipple to secure the assembly. You may need to get a tool inside the lamp body to accomplish this.

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