Duncan Translucent Stain Sienna TS562
Quick Overview

It’s antiquing made easy! TS™ Translucent Stains are oil-based antiquing transparencies that come in fabulous colors; just apply to your piece and wipe back with a cloth!  TS™ Translucent Stains blend easily and smoothly and have a quick drying time.  Cleanup couldn’t be easier … just wipe away with water!

How to use: 1. To antique, apply 1 thin coat over dry acrylic color, working it into all crevices; wipe back with soft cloth or tissue. 2. Clean up with water. 3. Seal with Ceramic Spray or Brush-On Sealer. 4. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.

Tips:  1. To remove more color, moisten cloth or tissue with water and wipe again. 2. To enhance color retention, lightly seal between layers of color. 3. For rouging, blush color on piece with a dry brush. 4. Reserve brushes for use only with Translucent Stains.

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