Art-No: BRDNSB809
Duncan SB809 No. 6 Shader Signature Brush
Quick Overview

The Duncan SB809 No. 6 Shader Signature Brush is for shading, lettering, ribbon effect, varying line widths, banding, and drybrushing.

Duncan Signature Brushes are Duncan's premium line of ceramic brushes.

- Duncan Signature Brushes can be identified by their waterproof clear acrylic handles with gold markings and handle tip.
- They are among the most durable and responsible brushes you can find, and are ideal for critical applications and competitions.
- They are ideal for decorative underglazes and glazes.
- They are made from red sable or badger hair. The natural hairs have better color holding and application performance compared to synthetic bristle brushes.
- Duncan Signature Brushes' long fine hairs make for a sharp tip that is naturally resilient and capable of producing crisp, extended brushstrokes in any media.
- Brushes should be washed with clean water and dried flat after each use.
- To give it the most thorough cleaning, use the Duncan Brush Cleaner. This will loosen any dried paint particles that may build up and contaminate a medium.

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