Art-No: TLDNSY545-4
Duncan Patch-A-Tatch
Quick Overview

The Duncan Patch-A-Tatch comes in a 4-oz jar.

Patch-A-Tatch from Duncan is a quality ceramic cement that is used to attach and repair greenware and bisque.

It is an invaluable product for ceramics.

This product can be the difference between saving a piece and throwing it out.

Tips for use:

  • Gently scratch crisscross lines on areas to be joined.
  • Using a soft brush, moisten scored areas or broken edges with water. 
  • Use the same brush to apply a good coat of Patch-A-Tatch to these areas.
  • Quickly attach or fit the pieces together and hold securely for a few seconds.
  • Brush a little Patch-A-Tatch over the joint.
  • When set and thoroughly dry, scrape, sand, sponge, or otherwise finish the piece.
  • The piece will now be ready for decorating or firing.
  • Clean up with water.
Volume 4 oz
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