Duncan EZ Stroke Underglaze Orange EZ034
Quick Overview EZ Strokes have become popular for their versatility. Their translucent quality makes them suitable for use with a number of decorating techniques including airbrushing, antiquing and brushwork. One stroke is all you need for most design work. One or two additional strokes may be added for depth and shading while the color is still wet. (Do not apply additional coats after the color has dried, or the heavy buildup may cause popping off, bleed, or bubbling). E-Z strokes may be applied over most underglazes, including Cover-Coats and other E-Z stroke colors, allowing the base color to show through. They may also be used to tint clay slip, most glazes, and other E-Z stroke colors. May be used on greenware or bisqueware. For best results fire to cone 06 after application, then glaze fire. Glaze fire from cone 06-1. Some colors will go to cone 10 oxidation.
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