Art-No: BRDNBR601
Special Order Item - Duncan BR601 No. 10/0 Liner Discovery Brush
Quick Overview

The Duncan BR601 No. 10/0 Liner Discovery Brush is for fine decorative line work, delicate detailing and small facial features.

Duncan Discovery Brushes come in a wide range of brush types, and are all easy on your budget.

- They are excellent brushes for students because they can endure rough handling and brush abuse.
- Duncan Discovery Brushes are identified by their waterproof clear acrylic handles with teal markings and handle tip.
- They can be used for a variety of underglazes, glazes, and non-fired color products.
- Brushes should be washed with clean water and dried flat after each use.
- To give it the most thorough cleaning, use the Duncan Brush Cleaner. This will loosen any dried paint particles that may build up and contaminate a medium.

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