Duncan Designer Glaze Distressed Denim DG201
Quick Overview

New Designer Glazes™ get their name from Fashion Couture! Fabrics, textures, colors!   It is all about a high-end look for your home and creativity!  Colors break. Duncan Designer Glazes™ work in perfect harmony with other Duncan glazes and underglazes as well as in combination with each other for dramatic results.  All non-toxic.  

New Duncan Designer Glazes™ get their name from Fashion Couture.  Turning fashion designer elements into home décor!  

Now, Duncan makes it easier to create decorative pieces for the home that invoke the feelings of fabrics, textures, and colors in your life.  The lustrous finishes, accented by the unique color breaks make each piece unique and stunning.   

These are art glazes, so your final results may vary

Apply 3 coats to shelf cone 04 bisque.  Fire to shelf cone 06.  Overglaze compatible.  All non-toxic.  All are Safe for Food Containers except DG203.  These glazes, because of their iron contact, may be thicker than you are used to.  Just thin them with water or glaze thinner, and they should work as expected.  

Glaze name inspiration:

Distressed Denim DG201 – A coarse twilled cloth, usually cotton, used for jeans, overalls, and work uniforms. Distressed is used in furniture antiquing techniques as well as clothing. 

Organza Orange DG202 - A medium weight, plain weave, and silk-like fabric with pronounced slub-filling yarns (slub means yarns are uneven or nubby). It is primarily used for dresses.

Carbon Chiffon DG203 - A soft silk that is a plain woven, lightweight and sheer fabric containing highly twisted filaments of yard. The fabric is used for scarves and evening gowns, but can also be made from rayon and other synthetic fibers.

Natural Linen DG204 - The fibers of the flax plant, woven into fabrics that are cooler, stronger and more absorbent than cotton.

Crimson Chenille DG205 – A fabric with soft, fuzzy yarns standing out around a velvety cord, whose name comes from the French word for "caterpillar." Used for bedspreads, rugs, bathrobes and, more recently, loose-fitting sweaters. 

Forrest Flannel DG206 – A warm, soft fabric made in tightly woven twill or plain weave, and finished with a light napping. Derived from the Welsh word gwlanen, which means wool. 

Saffron Silk DG207 - A medium weight, plain weave, and silk-like fabric with pronounced slub-filling yarns (slub means yarns are uneven or nubby). It is primarily used for dresses. 

Khaki Canvas DG208 – A strong, durable, closely woven cotton fabric popular for raincoats, handbags, and boots. Originally made of unbleached hemp of flax used for sails, tents, etc.

Teal Tweed DG209 – A medium to heavyweight woolen, twill weave fabric that is characterized by colored stubby yarns, used for coats and suits.

Cone 04-06
Lead lead-free
Safety label AP Non-toxic
Dinnerware Yes
Shipping Group Parcel
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