Duncan Crystals & Crackles Glazes Night Sky CR902
Quick Overview

These special effects glazes are among the easiest to use and create some of the most dazzling effects. 1 clear and 3 slightly tinted crackle glazes create random hairline cracks with interesting patterns.   They allow some clay color to show through the glaze.  They are non-toxic but not recommended for dinnerware.

The remaining glazes feature opaque gloss colors with embedded color crystals that melt and run during the firing process.  

Each firing results in unique and magical flow patterns that give these glazes their magical appeal.  All these glazes are non-toxic and dinnerware safe.  

Apply to cone 04 bisque ware, and fire at cone 06.

Cone 04-06
Lead lead-free
Safety label AP Non-toxic
Dinnerware All not toxic but not recommended for dinnerware ( not dinnerware safe: 905, 909, 910 )
Shipping Group Parcel
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