Duncan Concepts Underglaze Dark Plum CN323
Quick Overview

Bold, vibrant fired ceramic color choice that makes it easy for all skill levels.  The first coat is translucent.  The second is semi-opaque.  Three coats give bisque full coverage.  All are non-toxic.  Fire to cone 06 on bisque 04. 

For harmonizing colors, choose from either the light or the the bright or the dark category, but do not intermix.

Concepts are nontoxic and food safe with an application of three solid coats. Concepts are also food safe when a food safe clear glaze is applied.

Wondering how the Duncan Glazes do at mid-fire temperatures?

Note These underglazes are similar to Mayco Stroke and Coat.
Cone Fire to cone 06 on bisque 04
Safety label All Non-toxic
Dinnerware food safe when a food safe clear glaze is applied
Note Glazes with Zinc can cause discoloration of underglazes. Use of Zinc-free covering glazes is recommended.
Shipping Group Parcel
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