Laguna Nepheline Syenite, 270 Mesh
Quick Overview

Nepheline Syenite, 270 mesh, is a white to light grey igneous rock.

It is available in dry 5-lb containers.

Nepheline syenite, also known as Neph Sy, is used to replace feldspar in the manufacture of ceramic and glass products.

Nepheline syenite is a low silica, high soda and high alumina mineral.

It is chemically similar to a soda feldspar, but far more chemically complex.

It is a popular flux because of its high soda.

It has desirable properties at high temperature, like the ability to lower the fusing temperature of normally high-temper claybodies, including porcelain.

It strengthens glass, owing to its high alumina content.

Nepheline syenite reduces crazing when added to clay, but increases crazing when added to glass.

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