Ferro Frit 3134
Quick Overview

Ferro Frit 3134 is a fine white powder.

It is available in a dry 5-lb or 50-lb container.

Ceramic Frits are vitreous compounds that have been melted, and then rapidly cooled.

The compounds are insoluble in water, and when added to glaze, the glaze will be insoluble.

Frits allow even some hazardous materials to become safer components in fired glazes.

Frits also allow glazes to be fired at low temperatures, and encourage a more consistent result.

Frits can be used as a primary or auxiliary flux.

Frit 3134 is a leadless frit recommended for use as a lime and calcium borate source in partially fritted glazes and low cost hobby glazes.

Its boron content and lack of alumina give it a high thermal expansion.

Frit 3134 has a range of cone 06 to cone 10.

Frit 3134 has a fusion temperature of 1450 F.

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