Special Order Item - Dirty Girls Sling Shot Tool - Straight Wire
Quick Overview

The Dirty Girls Sling Shot Tool-Straight Wire is a combination beveling and faceting tool.

The Sling Shot Tool-Straight Wire is a 2-in-1 tool for beveling edges and creating facets and designs. The wire end cuts at a 45 degree angle, creating clean edges on your slab. The tension knob allows you to adjust and control the cutting effect, giving you a cleaner, straighter surface when taut or a less strict design when loose. The wooden bevel edge is great for cleaning up the base of a piece before removing it from the wheel.

The straight wire will give the piece a sharper design with rigid surfaces and is great for creating straight patterns and edges. The Sling Shot Tool is made from high-quality oiled hardwood, stainless steel wire, and brass components in the knob.

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