Art-No: TLDG4545
Dirty Girls 45"x45" Shaper
Quick Overview

The Dirty Girls 45"x45" Shaper is a dual ended undercutting and sculpting tool for 45 degree angles.

The 45"x45" Shaper is an undercutting tool with 45 degree angle ends that allow for precision beveling. The undercutting tool is great for scraping away extra clay before removing your piece from the wheel. The dual ended feature makes this tool great for sculpting as well, allowing you to undercut with one end and sculpt with the other for greater ease.

The dual ended wooden Shaper tool is between 6”-8” in length and is 1.25” wide, making for a larger tool that is easier to hold. The Shaper is made of cherry, maple, sugar maple, or oak oiled woods.

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