Coyote Hi-fire Underglaze UG027 Burgundy
Quick Overview


These high fire underglazes are all designed to be bright and true from cone six to cone ten!  They work well on greenware or bisqueware.  (The clear glaze takes a little better on greenware, because the  gum in the underglaze is burned off in the bisque.)   Cover with a thin application of clear glaze.  Fire to least cone 5.  The colors are pastel at lower fire temps.  Work well in raku under white crackle.

All Coyote liquid underglazes are non-toxic under proposed use conditions.  For spray application warnings apply (see warnings for dry glazes).  All Coyote glazes are lead free.  18 have cadmium.  For more information, on safety, read:

Sometimes people ask whether these underglazes will stick to a shelf when fired; generally they don't stick, but sometimes will a little.

Cone 6-10
Lead lead-free
Safety label Non-Toxic, 18 have cadium
Shipping Group Parcel
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