Coyote Cone 6 Glaze Celadon Rainy Day 109
Quick Overview Mid fire cone 5/6 glazes. All Coyote liquid glazes are non-toxic under proposed use conditions (brushing, pouring, and dipping). For spray application warnings apply (see warnings for dry glazes). All Coyote glazes are lead free. 21 have cadmium. For more information on safety, including which glazes have cadmium and cobalt, read: * Note: 024 Blue Matt, 047 Green Matt, 044 Green Shino, 049 Iron Matt, 104 Celadon Peacock Green and 033 Turquoise Matt, while not toxic, may change color or texture with repeated exposure to food and dishwasher detergents. Therefore caution should be used on dinnerware. Coyote also has clay/glaze compatibility ("fit") information, and tips on using their glazes. Some glazes they mix thin and some they mix thick, and they do this on purpose so 3 coats gives you a good result. It is not recommended that you thin these glazes. Also, the Shinos (and all high boron/lithium glazes) can grow crystals if stored in a cold place. They will dissolve when warmed up or you can screen out the crystals to warm them up and put back into the glaze. Crawl glazes need to be pretty thick. You should start to see cracking when the glaze dries, and if you don't, apply another coat. Please read comments from Coyote about the various finishes and what to expect (including which have a tendency to run during firing.) We stock all colors in Pints, as well as all sample packs New translucent glazes are great over brushwork, carvings and texture and colored clays. While celadons are usually thought of as ranging from pale to intense green, traditional celadons could also be clear, yellow or blue. Coyote expanded the palette to include a rich variety of colors. These glazes are user friendly, pooling without being overly runny. Particularly nice over porcelain or smooth white clay. (Tiles made from Laguna's cone 5 B-Mix). Food safe
Cone 5-6
Lead lead-free
Safety label Liquid - Non Toxic Dry - Health Warning
Dinnerware Yes
Shipping Group Parcel
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