Ceramic Canvas

Ceramic Canvas is a flat, translucent, porcelain-like sheet of (mostly) alumina. Think of it like paper you would paint or draw on, but you use kiln fired products, like underglaze, decals, and overglaze, etc instead.

Ceramic canvas can be fired to over cone 10. Despite being thin and lightweight, it is very strong and durable. The canvas sheets are pre-bisque fired, so they have no shrinkage and minimal fit problems.

The vellum textured surface is excellent for "Charcoal Style" drawing with underglaze pencils and chalks. It is great for decals and Fired-On Images transfer paper. The sheets can be fired multiple times without visible warping so your ceramic paintings or drawings can be imbued with complex nuances of color and line.

Ceramic Canvas is offered in packs of five and is available in three different sizes.

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