Amaco Clay

Please note that Oven and Air Dried clays are good for craft projects, for children, for decorative objects such as sculptures. They are not durable like fired clay. True ceramics are fired at over 2000 degrees F, which turns the clay into a glass-like material. This is impossible to do at oven temperatures. Please keep this in mind when purchasing this type of clay. It cannot be used for kitchen tiles, bowls, mugs, etc.

Amaco Self-Hardening Clay

Supplied in moist form ready to use from the Amaco Clay Company. May be shaped by hand or thrown on a wheel. When dry, modeled objects are hard and durable without kiln or oven firing. However, they are not waterproof. Decorate withRub'n Buff or acrylic paints.

Mexican Pottery Clay is a rich natural red color, similar to Mexican or Indian pottery, and little or no decoration is necessary. Marblex is a gray'ish white color.

(If you're looking for a 2 lb size, try the Laguna Self-Hardening Clay).

Artone Venus Modeling Clay (Non-hardening)

Although developed mainly for sculptors, this AP non-toxic modeling clay is also an excellent medium for high school and college students. It is firmer than plastiline type clays or water based clays. This makes it easier to use, because it supports itself well and will not sag when modeling tall vertical pieces. This clay is very plastic so additions of clay will stick to the work in progress and modeling can be continued until the work is done, no matter how long it takes. Therefore there is no pressure to finish the piece within a certain length of time.

The texture of the modeling clay is very smooth; therefore it works well for fine details. This is perfect for making "master"pieces to be cast later in bronze, plaster, or any other medium because it does not shrink.

Note: Contains sulfur. It cannot be used in conjunction with RTV rubber molds. Amaco Rubber Latex is recommended as a mold-making material.) Amaco #51731Y

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