Here at Big Ceramic Store, we only carry clay from the best manufacturers. From Laguna to Amaco, you can be sure you will find their products here.

Shipping: Clay unfortunately is heavy, so especially if it's shipping far, the costs can add up. If you purchase large quantities, we will do a truck ship quote for you. We have especially good rates for most of the western states. If you purchase greater than 200 pounds of clay, but not a whole pallet, heavyweight discounts kick in and shipping goes down, usually 10-30%. This does not happen in the shopping cart, so you have to ask and we can calculated it for you. Also, for smaller quantities such as a box or two, we can ship clay bu USPS for $20a box (each 50#.) Our shopping cart can't do that either, so instead of ordering the clay, just type in the comments of the order which ones you want via USPS. Thanks

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