CeraBlanket Fiber Blanket
Quick Overview

The CeraBlanket Fiber Blanket is sold by the linear foot.

The blanket is 2 feet wide and 1 inch thick, and has a density of 8 lbs.

You must buy a minimum of four feet.

CeraBlanket, created by Thermal Ceramics, is a flexible, easy-to-handle, easy-to-cut material made from exceptionally pure oxides of alumina and silica spun into fabric.

This material can be heated to 2,400 degrees F (Cone 10).

It has low thermal conductivity and heat storage.

It is resistant to thermal shock and chemical attack.

It contains no organic binders.

In addition to its many thermal properties, it also absorbs sound, which makes this blanket excellent material to use for insulating homes and studios.

Note: A mask should be worn when cutting and working with this fiber to avoid breathing in particles.

Degree F ( max ) 2400
Size 2 feet wide, 1 inch thick
Shipping Group Parcel
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