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Valentines On A Stick

When I was at the craft store recently, I saw some really cute hearts on a stick. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we're all looking for good projects for the kids, and I think this is perfect! Oh, and St. Patrick's Day is creeping up on us as well... anyone up for Shamrocks or a Pot-O-Gold on a stick?

You only need a few supplies, they're really easy, and super cute. Let your imagination run wild and get creative, or keep it simple! Use texture, letter stamps or paints, do a basic heart or kick it up a notch by overlaying multiple hearts, make a cupid or roses... Any way you choose to make them, they are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

When they are done, you can stick them in a vase, pencil cup or planter. The kids can take them to school for their teachers, hand them out to friends, or give them to parents and siblings.

Grab your coffee and let's head to the studio for some fun! Ps... don't forget to invite the kids!Here's what you will need:

1. Roll out a slab of clay, roughly 1/2' thick, and decide if you want to use a cookie cutter or freehand  your shape.

2. Once the shape decision is made, think about how you want to decorate it. Do you want to use textures, stamps, lettering, underglaze etc...

3. Cut your shapes out.

  • If you plan to roll texture on, make sure you roll on texture, then cut your shape out, since the rolling will stretch the clay out of shape.

4. Use a sponge (a blue Mudsponge is perfect) to clean and soften the outside edges.

5. Once all the edges are soft and clean, make a cut in the bottom of the heart to insert a stick. I like to use the Kemper R2 Ribbon Tool.

6. Make sure to soften the points where you cut out the stick area.

7. Using a small dowel or chop stick, insert (while twisting) it halfway between the top and bottom of the heart, and 1/2-3/4" deep.

8. Finish the piece however you want. Fire and glaze, fire and paint, underglaze and fire, stain and fire... the possibilities are unlimited, be creative.

9. Once the hearts are fired and decorated to your liking, it's time to insert the stick. Long lollipop sticks work well, and you can find them at most craft stores, or online. I like Aftosa E6000 Adhesive for attaching the stick, and for many other ceramic needs. It dries fast, holds well, and is clear in color.

I look forward to seeing some of your Valentine's on a stick! Send us pictures at

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