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Use a Slab Roller: A Video How-To

If you've never used a slab roller, it can seem daunting. But it's not as hard as it looks. Follow along with the steps below and the video above and get rolling!

How to Use a Slab Roller

Step 1: Wedge clay.

Step 2: Clear the surface of the slab roller, remove one spacer from under the rolling surface and lay canvas under and on top of your wedged clay.

Step 3: Begin rolling. Don't try to roll faster than necessary and if the roller jams, do not force it; back it up and figure out what it is catching on (your clay may be too thick).

Step 4: Flip your slab over, rotate it 90 degrees and reinsert the spacer under the rolling surface.

Step 5: Roll again.

Step 6: Uncover, smooth with a rib and transfer to a board.


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