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Underglaze For Your Easter Projects

With Easter only a few weeks away, I'm sure you have a couple projects sitting on the shelf waiting to be glazed. Why not put some of your underglaze to good use and give those projects a special touch!

At Big Ceramic Store, we have many different underglaze colors, firing ranges, and manufactures, making it easy for you to choose the right ones for your work.

Let's say you have a cute little chick you want to make a solid yellow... that's where an opaque underglaze like the Amaco LUG Series Yellow comes in handy. If it's too bright, just add a little white to tone it down.

The Amaco LUG series can also be used to color clay and slip.

For coloring clay:

  • cut the clay in thin strips
  • layer the strips with the underglaze in between layers
  • wedge the clay until the color is uniform
  • enjoy creating with colored clay!

To color slip:

  • Mix the slip to the consistency you desire
  • add underglaze until it's the color you want
  • this underglaze fires very close to the color you see while you are using it

Are you more into watercolor effects? Maybe you are painting a scenery on a pitcher, platter, etc... Well, the Spectrum One-Stroke, or the Duncan EZ Stroke are ideal for that finish. Check out this awesome purple!


Notice how beautifully the stroke blends and allows the background to show through? This is exactly what you want to happen when you are painting clouds, flowers, etc...

I use a lot of underglaze in my studio so I've shopped around for the perfect fit. I have high expectations in an underglaze And here are some things I look for:

  1. Ease of use - I want it to brush on easily and cover well
  2. Versatility - can be added to slip or clay, and can also be used as an opaque or transparent cover.
  3. Container size - some underglaze only comes in 1oz or 2oz bottles. I need larger quantities so I want the ones that come in pint or gallon size.
  4. Finish - the Amaco Velvet Series is awesome with or without a clear coat finish

Remember, these are only a few of the options available on our website. Think about the right use for you, then check out the underglaze page on


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