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Trending Glaze Colors

If you're anything like me, I want to know what sells, and what colors are making an impact in today's market. I mean, what better way to boost my sales, than by using the "hot" colors and designs currently topping the charts.

Here at BCS, we have such a great selection of glazes, I wasn't sure where to begin. I wanted to load up my cart with at least twenty new colors and give them a try... instead, I talked to my youngest daughter for some ideas.

Not only does  she have an art degree, teach Middle School art, run an art camp during the summer, and sell hand-crafted signs and décor... she's my "go-to" girl for up-to-date ideas! After just a few minutes of picking her brain, and visiting the websites she recommended, I reduced the amount of glazes added to my shopping cart, from twenty, to four. Then, I added a few new brushes, like the Duncan TB727 No. 1 Liner, and a few others.

But... it's not only colors that sell. A mixture of color, design and texture seems to be in the spotlight as well. Something simply white, is more appealing if part of it is rough, while the other part is smooth.

white texture

Contrasting color is big too. For example... make a coffee mug with a buff or speckled clay, dip the inside and top 2/3 in a white glaze, then leave the bottom unglazed. The speckles give it texture, while the contrasting colors catch the eye.


How about "Vintage"... now that's HUGE! For some reason, the things us older folks put in storage years ago, has become a new fad. My daughter rummaged through our attic and hay loft trying to find vintage pieces to recycle into home décor. The more streaked or chipped the paint, the better!

That brings me to "White Washing." By thinning your glaze (or underglaze), and using a large brush, you can create a vintage "brushed" look on almost anything you make. Ps... you can "white wash" with any color.

Ok, now that we've covered the whites, let's talk about some colors that are topping the charts.

  • Turquoise is one of the most popular at the moment. I've seen it used for anything from dinnerware, to utensil crocks, bird feeders and bathroom accessories. My favorite is Amaco Sahara HF28 Turquoise


  • Another one I've seen used a lot is a coral or shrimp color. Amaco Sahara HF57 Coral is my choice for this one. I love the matt finish, and the color is beautiful on both white, and buff clay.


  • A few other colors that seems to be making their mark on the websites I was viewing are green, tangerine, black and yellow.


Type "trending pottery colors" into your search engine, and check out some of the awesome mixes happening out there!

If you'd like to share your ideas, projects, or submit a post for our blog, email us at! We look forward to hearing from you!




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