• Do you use slip for trailing or painting on your pots? Have you ever wanted to add some raised texture or heavy lines? One of the best ways I've found to do it is to use slip. Whether you trail it on, paint it on, or add it to the surface of the entire piece for dimension, slip is an amazing asset to your supply collection!

    Commercial slips like Laguna Glacier White, can be purchased pre-mixed and ready to go. Adding stains, or oxides, you can make pretty much any color under the sun. Test firing will need to be done, to ensure it will adhere to your clay body, and for an accurate sample of the fired color.

    I prefer to make my own for a few reasons,

    • It will mesh with my piece since it's the same clay body
    • I like to "mix it up a bit" with colors, so using my clay scraps is cheaper, and uses them up

    Are you ready to make a few of your own slips? Grab your coffee and follow me out to the studio!

    • teresa | #

      I am using Georgies timberline grogged clay for handbuilding a large piece, the grog is showing so I bought the same clay without grog and thought id make a slip from it to cover my pot, i want to know if I can whiten it more by adding some Kaolin or tin oxide and is so how much would I use?
      Thanks for your help

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