• Ok... so I was at a local Dollar store and in the mood for a change. I saw Styrofoam floral rings hanging on display and thought... "They would work as a slump mold for making plates, platters, and bowls." So I picked up a couple and headed back to the studio.

    I don't know about you but I'm all about easy options for making larger pieces. That's one reason I love using Styrofoam floral rings, the other reason is they are light, durable, and easy to store on a peg, taking up less of my shelf space!

    Let's head to the studio and I will show you just how easy it is to make a plate without a lot of fuss!

  • Every now and again something simple catches my eye and gives me an idea. For example, the other day I was in the studio stringing some coasters together when I saw the string sitting next to an underglaze bottle.

    As simple as this sounds... I loved the way the string was just a bit curly, organic, and messy... and it gave me an idea for designing a few pieces.

    Here's what I came up with...

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  • With early summer fruit starting to ripen on the vines a lot of folks are digging out their handed down family recipes and baking up a storm! Instead of laying that old recipe card on the counter, why not make yourself (friends/family too) a beautiful recipe card holder?

    You don't use recipe cards... you use a cookbook instead? Well, just increase the size of the design, and it will accommodate those books just as nicely as it will the cards.

    Are you ready to make a super easy project that will brighten up your counter and last a lifetime? Heck, you could even hand the holder down with the recipe cards you've cherished forever.

    PS... I'm using a brown stoneware clay for this project, however; you can make it out of whatever clay you work with.

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  • I was asked a few weeks ago to make some mugs with a company's logo on it. Since I don't slip cast, I figured the best way for me to do it would be to make a template, and hand build them.

    I reached out to a few people with CNC Routers, to make them out of wood for me, however; they just didn't turn out as I had planned. The amount of time I had to put into them to "clean-up" the wording was definitely not cost effective!

    What to do??? Well, I decided to bring out the Dremel Tool and a piece of printing linoleum, then try my hand at carving the logo.

    This is how I did it...

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  • Here on our blog, we like to give you tips/tricks and project ideas... today is no different. This post will show you a simple technique that can be used for the bigger, more challenging projects!

    There are so many ways to alter a pottery piece, but darting... well, it has got to be one of the easiest and ingenious ways. Who would have thought a simple cylinder with a dart or two could become a unique and fascinating work of art.

    I love the idea of squaring off a rounded plate or cup, or creating a neck on a cylinder by adding a couple darts. Since hand-building is my preferred method of pottery, darts have become an invaluable little secret.

    Are you ready to convert that simple cylinder into something really cool? Well grab your coffee and follow me to the studio!

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    • Verbinnen helga | #

      Verry good explaning. I hope i can folow the site from belgium. Thanks

  • This post was inspired and assisted by Jan Moore at Moore Colorful, Jan Moore. If you’re interested in posting on our blog, shoot us an email at bcscommunity@bigceramicstore.com!

    Big Ceramic Store (BCS) customer Jan Moore has graciously shared directions for making one of her beautiful hand-built ceramic handbags! The detail and lifelike presence is an amazing sample of the ability to turn clay into almost anything your mind can conjure up!

    Ready for an exciting and rewarding challenge? Grab your coffee, a pencil, paper, and your favorite fabric, and follow along on this incredible journey!

  • If you follow our blog, you may remember, the post we did a couple weeks ago on essential tools for wheel throwing. Today, we're going to talk about the tools I find essential for hand-building.

    Hand-building is my favorite method of working with clay, next to sculpting, that is. There's just something about the way you can turn a flat piece of clay into something incredible. With angles and curves, lids and feet, and texture... OMG... it's awesome!

    Anyway, in order to do those incredible things, you need certain tools. Grab your coffee and follow me to the studio so I can show you some of the ones I use.

  • After doing the hummingbird tile last month, I thought it would be neat to make a template, and create a set that matches the tile. You know, canisters, platters, pitchers etc... things for in the kitchen.

    The first thought that came to mind, was to use the plastic template I made, and trace it onto slabs. The work involved, in carving each piece though, seemed like a huge undertaking. How could I duplicate the pattern without spending hour after hour carving?

    Then I remembered, I purchased a sheet of linoleum and carving tools a few months back. What if I were to draw an image on that sheet, carve it out, and use it to impress the pattern on my clay? Hmmm... now there's an idea I could sink my teeth into!

    I was so excited! Follow me out to the studio and see what happened!

  • Christmas is a wonderful time of year! There is a joy in the air that isn't there the rest of the year. Along with that joyous "air", there are several things that symbolize the holiday. Angels, bells, red/green, Santa, reindeer, and of course... Christmas Trees.

    In this post, we'll make a Christmas tree luminary. The great thing about this tree is, you can decorate it with a lot of color to symbolize Christmas, keep it simple to represent winter, or make it part of your rustic décor.

    We'll make a simple tree in today's post, but we'd love for you to get really creative with color and design, then send us pictures of your creation!

  • Angels... admired, respected, loved and collected. In every store, on top of a tree, there's just no telling, where they might be. During the holiday season, angels seem to appear everywhere. The funny thing is though, almost everyone I know, has an angel of some sort displayed all year long.

    In today's post, we will show you how to make a beautiful angel that you can decorate for the holiday season or to display all year long. Little angels or big ones, they can all be made using the same pattern I'm about to show you.

    This project is easy enough for the kids so bring them along if you want. Let's get started! 

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