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Easy Halloween Ghost Candy Dish

Who doesn't love candy dishes? I rarely use mine for candy though. It usually has hair ties, jewelry, loose change, or nuts and bolts in it. Every once in a while, if I know we are having company, I dump it out, wash it, and fill it with something sweet.

Halloween, is one of those holidays, where you might find my candy dish filled with something edible. That is, unless I get to it before our little ghosts and goblins!

I love to re-purpose molds. A seashell candy dish, I found at a local Dollar Tree, is one of those molds. In the warm months, it's used to make seashells, but in September... it's a "ghost in disguise."

The ridges in the mold make a perfect "skirt" effect for the ghost. The downside, to a glass mold, is that the clay will stick to it. To prevent sticking, I use a piece of plastic wrap to cover the mold before I put the clay on it. Mist the mold with water and place the plastic wrap over it. The water makes the plastic stick, and prevents sliding clay.


Roll out a slab of clay approximately 1/4" thick. I prefer white clay so I can use underglaze and a clear coat. Cut out a circle, a little larger than the mold, and lay it on top of the clear wrap over the mold.


Using a roller, a damp sponge, or your fingers, press the clay down and form it to the mold.


Cut a half oval shape at the top of the skirt. I do one side first, then use the cutout as a template for the other side.


Allow the clay to get leather hard, then turn it over. Once it is facing up, you can shape the head portion, and give it eyes and a mouth with underglaze. Amaco Velvet Series is my underglaze of choice.


Bisque fire, coat with a clear glaze, and glaze fire!

How easy was that? A simple mold, a little clay, underglaze and a clear coat, and your seashell turned into a ghost!

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