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Simple Techniques For Painting Your Pots With Underglaze

Every once in a while, I like to put my painting skills to use and increase the challenge level for myself. Ok, so my forte' is not painting, but I do know my way around mixing underglazes and a few simple brush strokes.

How are your painting skills? Not so good you say? No worries, we'll go over a few simple techniques that will help you out. From mixing colors, to brushes and brush strokes, you will get a little more comfortable with trying it out.

Grab your coffee, and follow me to the studio!Again, I'm not Picasso, so forgive me if I don't have the technical terms for the techniques I use (if they even have a technical name.) I'm demonstrating what works for me, but please feel free email us with the techniques that work for you.

Now, reach in your tool box, and pull out a couple different brushes. Flat head, round head, liner and fan brushes are all essential in their own way. You may even want a dry brush or two.

You can practice this on paper first, or you can get brave and head right for the clay... either way, let's paint some flowers and grasses. Remember, perfect is for manufacturers, and that we are not, so lighten up a bit, and have fun! Let's give our customers what they want... one of a kind pieces of art!

Let's start with grass and weeds;

  • Put complimentary colors in a tight group.
  • Start with the darker colors, then blend by dragging your brush through the lighter ones.
  • With a loaded liner brush do a "sweep" from the bottom up


  • A few dots along one of your blades of grass and you now have a weed

On to some flowers for in that grass

  • Using a round or flat brush, dip it in a bright color, and make 4-6 petals
    • Take notice, my petals are not perfect!
  • Finish it off with a contrasting color for the center

How about a tree?

  • Again, use a group of colors
  • Dip a round brush into the colors and dab away (this is called stippling)
  • Leave open areas, and shape it however you want


  • Add a few branches with your liner brush


  • Then add a trunk using a flat brush and various browns/black

Add a little terrain variation by using a fan brush, then dot some white in for floral effect

fan brush
Add a few more flowers, blend the colors a bit, and your piece is finished! Start with the simple things and progress to tougher stuff when you think you're ready.

Don't forget, you can always cone fire your piece, then paint with the Mayco Softees Acrylic paints.

If you'd like to share your ideas, projects or submit a post for our blog, email us at! We look forward to hearing from you!


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