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Pretty Little Soap Dishes

One of the current trends is handmade soaps. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and scents. The problem is finding a good quality, aesthetically pleasing, soap dish for those pretty bars.

With any bar soap it's important to have a holder that allows it to drain properly and keep it from getting too soft and slimy. Besides, who likes to clean a soap dish that's been collecting all that mess?

Today we are going to make a two-piece soap dish, that will not only look awesome holding your soap, it will bring style and personality to wherever you choose to place it!

Grab your coffee and follow me to the studio!

We only need a few materials for this project:

  • Small slab of clay
  • Something in the shape of the dish you want to make (I'm doing a square one for this project)
  • Needle tool
  • Sponge/water
  • Texture

The first thing we need to do is make the top piece. It's easier to fit a base to the top than to make a top for the base in most cases, so let's make the top.

For the top, I'm using two square pieces of wood, one is 6"x 6" and the other is 5"x 5".

Plan your design using a slab of clay roughly 1/4" thick and add texture if you will be using any that need to be rolled on.


Cut out your design using the 6" piece of wood, then place the 5" piece in the center, and flip it over to create a lip.



I left my texture on it while I flipped it onto the smaller piece of wood and created the lip. Then, using a needle tool, I removed the texture. I left my texture on the clay while I flipped it onto the smaller piece of wood and created a lip. Then, using a needle tool, I removed the texture.


A dowel rod or rolling pin works for impressing the design, and rolling the edges to make the lip.



For the base I'm using a decorative piece of wood I found at my local hardware store.



Cut out a piece of clay large enough to cover the block, roll the edges, trim and soften the edges if needed, and voila′... you have the perfect base for your dish!



The only thing left to do is create drainage in the dish and attach a couple pieced of clay to the bottom of the dish to help it stay centered over the base.



Finish it off with underglaze and a clear coat, or dip that puppy in your favorite glaze and give it some flare!

Personally, I think I will be using a white glaze on this one... the speckles in this clay "pop" under light colored glazes, and I absolutely LOVE that look!


5 thoughts on “Pretty Little Soap Dishes”

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  • Vickie | #

    Thanks for the little how-to... sure wish I knew what kind of clay, fired in what kind make/model of kiln or at least temp/time etc.. kind of glaze? finished item photo?? love it, but a newbie here with a million newbie questions :D

  • johnmuller | #

    Hi nice article, thank you for sharing.. handmade soap is the best one to protect the skin.


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