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Pottery Charms For Mother's Day

My grandchildren love to play in the studio and make pottery projects for mommy, nana, pappy, sissy etc... Why not put that to good use this year for Mother's Day? I know when my kids were growing up, I loved handmade gifts, they were the perfect expression of their personality.

A few supplies and some beautiful charms for a necklace, bracelet, or earrings can be had! Personalized, colorful, whimsical, or heart-felt... the choice is up to you and the kids. By the way, your mom may enjoy a few of her own.

Grab your coffee and follow me to the studio. We can practice a few before you invite the kids out so it looks like you've been doing these for years!Gather your supplies:

  • clay
  • rolling pin, dowel rod or slab roller
  • cookie cutters
  • underglazes if you want
  • paint brushes
  • hole cutter
  • textures
  • string or jewelry parts (you can pick these up at almost any department, hardware or craft store)

Don't get frazzled trying to figure out how to make the charms. KISS - Keep It Simple Silly... just roll out your clay abought 1/8" thick, cut some shapes and decorate them.

The hardest part of this project is figuring out how you want to hang the charms on jewelry. Do you want to punch a hole in your charm and run string through it, or do you want to pick up a small jewelry kit and make it "professional looking?"

My guess is, kids 0-8 or 10 want to string it... older kids/teens want the real deal. The thing is, once the pre-teen/teens start to make them, you're likely to have visitors in the studio a lot more often! Not only do they want to make one for mom, but all their friends need one too.

Ready to make a few charms? Let's see what we can come up with.

A little thought, some clay, tools and supplies, and your charms are on their way into the kiln! This is one Mother's Day gift she will keep forever. Ps... if you leave one side unglazed, you can add a drop or two of essential oils and voilà... you're a genius!

Share your pictures,  ideas and/or suggestions by sending us an email at


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