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Pinch Pot Snowballs for Kids of All Ages

I don't know about you, but the snow is getting ready to fly here! We've had flurries and a dusting, we're just waiting for the fun stuff. You know, the snowman, snowball, snow angel, igloo and sledding kind of snow!

I can't wait! Okay, maybe I can... I don't love the wet floors, hanging mittens, hats and coats, and mopping that comes with it, but I love watching the kids play in it.

We have eight grandchildren that absolutely LOVE snow! We bust out the sleds and toboggans, hook up the saucer behind our 4-wheeler, whiz them around the farm, then have snowball fights, build snowmen, and have a cup of hot cocoa. Sound like fun???

Well, sitting in the studio the other day thinking about how much fun is to come when we get a hefty snow, I started making clay snowballs. They are a cute addition to any mantle, shelf or end table, so I thought I would share them with you.

By now you know the drill... grab your coffee and let's go to the studio!

Materials List:

  • Clay
  • Your hands
  • Ware board or porous work surface
  • Needle or drill tool
  • Underglaze or Mayco Softees Acrylic Paint
  • Spray adhesive
  • Glitter or Fake Snow

Project Instructions:

  • Using whatever size/type of clay you choose, roll it into a ball (make a bunch if you want.)




  • Insert your thumb into the center of each ball and pinch the walls to thin them out. Remember to keep the ball shape while you do this. No worries if your hole doesn't close well... you can always patch the hole with a piece of clay.


  • After thinning the walls, roll the ball around on your ware board or work surface
  • Using a needle or drill tool, make a small air hole in the ball. Doing this will help prevent cracking and rupture, especially if you fire it.


  • If you used air dry or self hardening clay, allow it to dry to it's fullest potential. If you are using a clay that needs to be fired, allow it to get bone dry, then fire it to max cone.
    • ps... you can use an underglaze prior to firing if you want it really white... or, you can use Mayco Softees once it's fired, for the same effect.


  • Insert a thin wire into the air hole.
    • I've found, that if you bend the wire into a slight U shape. it will hold the ball while you spray it.



  • Spray with adhesive.
  • Roll it in the glitter, or fake snow, and press it between your hands to secure the snow.



  • Remove the wire and your snowball is complete!


They look great, and they're super easy to make.

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