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Mixing Glaze and Mason Stains For Effect

If you've followed our elephant sculpture series, you know I left it at a point where you could finish it the way you wanted, however; if you haven't finished it yet, you may want to see how I am finishing mine.

I will use a combination of mason stains and glazes, to give depth and definition to the details, as well as leaving some areas bare to accent the piece.

You will need a black mason stain, white glaze (I prefer a satin matte finish), a couple small mixing containers, and brushes.

Follow me to the studio and let's see how it turns out!

The first thing I did was mix a little of the black mason stain in some water. I don't generally measure, guessing seems to work for me most of the time.



After it's mixed, start to paint it on the sculpture. Don't worry if it overlaps, or runs down the sides, we'll fix that later. Our primary objective is to fill the wrinkles and such with black.

Once the entire piece is covered, use a spray bottle with water to thin down the appearance. Note: this step will also help push the stain into the cracks.

While your sculpture is drying, it's time to prepare the outer glaze coat. You can use a commercial glaze in your color choice, or if you're not happy with one you have on hand, mix your own.

I used Amaco Sahara White Matte and mixed in a little black mason stain.

* Note: when mixing mason stains to glaze, adding it to a small amount of water first will help with the mixing process *

Brush the glaze mixture over the sculpture in even strokes. I wasn't too worried about an even coat, as a matter of fact, I left some areas a little bare. Remember, I was trying for a natural appearance when it's complete, however; you can do it your way.

Once I fully covered the piece with the glaze, I used a scouring pad to sand away some areas, then brushed away the dust... again for effect.


IMG_7033 I broke the tail while I was glazing however; a little Marx Aztec High Fire Mender did the trick!

Here's mine, now it's your turn! Glaze up your elephant and send us some pictures to


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