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Mistletoe That Lasts Forever

Who doesn't love the opportunity to get your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, under the infamous mistletoe? A chance to be romantic, clever or sneaky, and guide them right under that green sprig with pretty red berries...

I know it's a dying fad in some homes, but this year... I've decided to bring it back!  I will be hanging a handmade mistletoe in our dining room, where my husband and I pass at least once a day. This should guarantee me at least a few kisses!

Are you ready to add a little excitement to your house? Grab a cup of coffee and follow me to the studio!This is a really easy project, and you could even let the kids help. You only need a few items to make a mistletoe sprig, and here is the list.

A slab of clay roughly 1/8” thick

  • Leaf cookie cutter
  • Hollow tube for making the berries
  • Hole making tool
  • Mayco Softees Acrylic Paint or spray paint
  • A few paint brushes
  • Fishing string

The first thing we want to do is cut out a few leaves. I’m cutting out nine for this project, but most likely won’t need them all. It’s good to make a few extra just in case.

Now, using a hollow tube, punch it through the clay to get a bunch of symmetrical berries. You'll notice, by continuing to punch through the clay, it creates a "log." Break the log apart and you will have the same size berries. All you have to do now is shape them a little. If you choose to, you can roll little balls for the berries.

(I’m using a syringe barrel from my local farm supply store)

After you’ve cut out all the pieces, you will need to punch holes in all the leaves and berries. I like to use the Kemper Salt/Pepper Drill. The pepper end works great for the leaves, and the salt end is perfect for the berries.

Now that you have all the pieces cut out, and the holes punched, it’s time to decide how you want to finish them. There are several options:

  1. Use an underglaze on the green and red pieces before firing or
  2. Bisque fire and glaze or
  3. Glaze to maximum cone and paint with Mayco Softees Acrylic Paint, or a spray paint

After finishing the pieces the way you choose, the only thing left to do is put the pieces together, hang the mistletoe, and wait for that first kiss! I know I can’t wait!

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