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Memorial Day Flower Vase Centerpiece

If you're anything like me, I have a bunch of glass flower vases from my husband and kids showering me with love over the years, sitting on a shelf in the basement. I often look at them and they remind me of the beautiful flowers from a florist, from the grocery store, and my favorite... wild flowers picked from along side of a back country road!

This morning, I was headed down to the basement for something, and noticed them once again. I've been thinking about a simple centerpiece for our picnic table on Memorial Day, and all of a sudden, these empty vases sparked an idea!

Find yourself a flower vase, large mason jar, or tall tumbler, and follow me to the studio. We are going to make a simple, yet really neat centerpiece.Supplies you will need for this project:

  • Vase (or other cylinder)
    • If your vase has been collecting dust, and needs washed like mine, make sure you dry it thoroughly before you try painting it.
  • Mayco Softees Acrylic Paint, (or any other acrylic paint you have on hand)
  • Spray paint (red, white, or blue, or all of them)
  • Paint brushes
  • Weeds, grasses, flowers, or a bouquet of red/whit/blue from the flower shop
    • I picked dandelion flowers for mine
  • Sand or stones for in the bottom if your project will be top heavy and have the potential to tip easily

Now that you have all the supplies gathered, let's prepare the florals if they were hand picked.

  • Determine how many you will need to fill your vase
  • Separate them into multiple bunches if you plan on more than one color
  • Tie a string around the bottom of each bunch and hang them from a tree branch, clothesline, etc...
  • Spray them with the paint color of your choice
  • Allow them to dry while you paint the vase
    • Note: You can spray them right where they are and let them dry before picking


Time to decorate that vase! This is where the creativity comes in! I'm doing a simple pattern however; get as creative as you want.

  • Using the Mayco Softees, or other paints you have, paint thee vase
    • I generally start with the lightest color and go darker as I progress, and
    • I love angled brushes for this type of project... I find them easier to use in narrow spaces
  • Make sure you allow the colors to dry before doing the next one or you risk them smearing together


Once everything is dry, pick your flowers, add water to the vase, and assemble your masterpiece! Ps... this is a project the kids may like to help with!

Do you have a creative idea? Or would you like to share your ideas? Or maybe put together an article for our blog? Email us at! We look forward to hearing from you!



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