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Mayco Softees Acrylics - Not Just For Ceramics

I was looking for Valentine's Day projects for my grandkids, and realized, I had everything we needed right here in my studio! A couple mason jars, candles, toilet paper rolls, paint brushes, and Mayco Softees Acrylic paints.

I've come to absolutely love the Mayco Softees line! The are one of the best acrylics I've ever used, and trust me, I've used a few. They glide off your brush, smooth and clean, leaving behind rewarding results.

Are you still trying to figure out what to help the kids make for Valentine's Day? Well, it's only 4 days away, so we better get to it! Grab your coffee and follow me out to the studio for some quick and easy projects.If you're anything like me, I keep a couple of everything, just in case I need it. You know what I mean... toilet paper and paper towel rolls, onion bags, coffee cans, jars... the list is way too long to put in this post! Time to put a few of them to good use.

Project #1 - Painted Jars

  • What you will need
    • Jar -any clean jar will work
    • Liquid latex
    • Paint brushes
    • Mayco Softees
    • Creative mind


  1. Using the liquid latex, and a paint brush, paint some designs on the jar
  2. Allow the latex to dry
  3. Now, paint the jar with the Softees
  4. Once the Softees are dry, peel the latex off the jar, revealing the designs you created
  5. Tie a ribbon around the rim
  6. Fill the jar with pencils, candy sticks, chocolate dipped pretzels, or put a votive candle in it

Project # 2 - Painted Candle

What you will need

  • Jar Candle
  • Liquid Latex
  • Paint brushes (the BigCeramicStore Big Brush Kit is perfect for this project, and many others)
  • Mayco Softees
  • Creative mind
  1. Paint the jar
  2. Once it's dry, tie a ribbon around the top

Project #3 - Toilet Paper Roll Valentine's Owl

What you will need

  • Toilet paper roll (without the paper)
  • A small piece of cardboard for the feet
  • Paint brushes
  • Mayco Softees
  • Creative mind
  1. Paint the roll
  2. Cut a heart out of the cardboard for the feet, big enough for a base for the roll, then paint them
  3. Fold the top over to create the ears
  4. Glue the feet on the bottom

There you have it! Three easy projects that the kids will LOVE!

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