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Marx Aztec High Fire Mender and Other Ceramic Mending Agents

Do you have any mending agents in your supply closet? If you work with mid to high fire clays, and don't have Marx Aztec High Fire Mender in there, you don't know what you are missing out on!

Recently we did an elephant sculpture series, and to my dismay, I broke his tail while I was glazing him. Not all was lost though, Marx mending agent saved my tail!

Today I want to talk about a couple different agents and their use, so grab a notebook and settle in for some good info!

Let's start with a disclaimer:

       *I am by no means a professional at repairing ceramics. I have used multiple products with and without succes on several pieces with cracks and/or fractures. The information in this post is representation only of my experience and you should contact one of the many manufacturers if you have questions on their products*

That being said, let's talk about some different uses for mending agents.

  1. Attaching greenware to greenware
  2. greenware to bisqueware
  3. bisqueware to bisqueware
  4. fixing hairline cracks
  5. mending broken pieces
  6. adhearing broken handles
  7. attaching decorations

Which product you use depends not only on the firing temperature of your clay body, but what you a attempting.

For example, Marx Magic Mender or Duncan Patch-A-Thatch work great for greenware issues like cracks and attaching pieces. They are great bonding agents that accept glaze well and clean up with water.

Maybe you don't need to "mend" a piece, but you'd like to attach appliqués to your green or bisque pieces... there are several agents out there that work great for this type of use.

Generally speaking, enhancing products will do the trick. You can add them to slip, apply as is, or color them to match your work, and they clean up easily as well.

One of my favorites for low-fire work is APT-II Ceramic Enhancer. Adding it to slip is a great way to ensure a solid bond between pieces, and I like to add a little mason stain or underglaze for colorant.

I gues the moral of this post is this... If you haven't had success mending pieces, fixing cracks, or attaching broken pieces... maybe it's time to add a few new products to your supply closet.

Check out the mending agents on our website and give them a try. Don't hesitated to reach out to our technical team at 888-513-5303 if you have questions.




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